Friday, March 28, 2014

Music Camp 2013: The Periods of Music History

“I thought music camp was fun and I learned a lot.”  
                                                   - Amelia, age 10

I hosted a week-long music camp this summer for the very first time.  We learned about the different periods of music history, the evolution of the piano, and composers from each period.  I had no idea how much work was involved, nor how much fun we would all have during the week.  

“My favorite part of music camp was making the book.”   
                                                    - Tenzin, age 7

The students made their own music history books, which included information about each period of music history and one composer from each period.  (Note to die-hard music history buffs:  This camp was for 7-12 year olds and we only had 5 days to explore all of music history.  Thus, we were only able to gloss over parts of music history.)

The students worked hard every day making their books.

“I enjoyed learning about music history.  I learned about the styles of music that were popular at different times and about famous composers.”                    -Aoife, age 12

We played many games, such as charades,... for notes,...

...and guessing the musical period.  I created several Youtube playlists to test whether the students could tell the difference between the music of each period.  This is the playlist we used on Day 2 (Baroque or Classical?).

All the students wanted to show off their piano skills, 
so we had several recitals.

“Music camp is fun because we got to learn about musicians that lived in the past.”  - Misha, age 7

We learned about the evolution of the piano, from the harpsichord to the present-day piano.  On the last day of camp, I took the cover of my grand piano and students saw how the pedals and action of the piano worked.  There were joyful exclamations and delighted smiles.  We also made origami pianos.

When we studied the Modern Period of music, each camper made their own “Jackson Pollack” paintings and glued it in their music history books. 

“Music camp was fun because of all the outside activities 
and all of camp.”  - Jared, age 7

Thank you to all of my music campers!  You made my week especially fun, thought-provoking, and musically enriching.  I also want to thank all the parents who took a chance and sent your children to my camp.

This camp was successful because I had help from several people. 

A big thank you to...
Bonnie Nelson-Duffey for sharing your expertise in teaching music to children.
Giovanni Rome for your creative ideas with the music history books and crafts.
  1. -Jeff Petersen for your continual support as I turn my passion for teaching music into a reality.

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